Wedding Crechers help every couple with the dilemma of whether to invite children to their big day or not. This decision can often cause great stress to the couple as well as to their family and friends. It can often be a case of "damned if you do and damned if you don't" -

Yes, children are your heartthrobs; you love them so intensely that you make it a point to be with them after coming back from work. It is nothing unusual that you take your beloved child for shopping, eating out and what not. But, in some cases you may have to think twice before taking that naughty little child of yours. For example, when you are attending the wedding ceremony you will have to figure out whether to take the child with you or not. It is common that the child becomes restless when you are attending to the prayers or listening to speeches or in attendance with some of the ceremonies of the wedding party. They suddenly grow demanding and they would even put you in some embarrassing situations.

To avert such a situation, in some of the wedding ceremonies the organizers exclude children from being invited. This is only to ensure that the children do not get bored with the long wedding ceremony and the speeches. In spite of this, if some parents bring their child then the organizers will have to convince the parents the purpose of restricting children for the function. They could request the parents to bring the child for the reception. The organizers should convince the parents that this is not the only child that is being restrained for the function and tell them every guest has been requested to keep the child away for the wedding ceremony.

Of course, there are several instances of parents getting agitated with such restrictions. On the other hand, there could be also instances where parents may find it impossible to leave the child in any other place. To avert such an embarrassing situation, an innovative system of engaging the services of mobile crèche services has been adopted. This ‘Crèchers service for wedding’ as it is popularly called; will set up a mobile crèche in the vicinity of the wedding hall or at least in a nearby place. This is a wonderful idea and it has come as a great relief not only for the organizers of wedding function but also for the parents at large.

The services of such chechers are not restricted to weddings alone; it can be used during various other important functions which do not involve participation of children. You can browse for the services of such mobile Crechers. Once you identify a suitable Crèche, a representative would call on you and hold personal discussions where you will have to brief him about the venue of the wedding ceremony and the number of children likely to be present and their age group. The representative will inspect the wedding venue and ascertain the facilities available there. If the venue has small room with washing facilities, that would be wonderful. If it is not available; then the representative may suggest for pitching up a suitable size marquee. Most of the crechers have the ability to find a suitable venue for child care at least in some corner of the wedding hall. The representative will also discuss about the venue with the authorities of the wedding hall. Once you strike a deal with the crecheres and pay them the agreed amount as advance, they will start making preparations for setting up the mobile crèche. On the appointed day, the representative will call the organizers and ascertain the number of children likely to attend the wedding ceremony. This is done to ensure adequacy of staff and other facilities. Normally, the Crechers will be present at the venue at least about two hours in advance so as to make the necessary arrangements.

The crechers will bring with them an appropriate number of staff and this depends on the number of children attending the function and their age group. However, you must ensure that the crechers strictly adhere to National Vocational Qualifications NVQ and Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) regulations which stipulate the staff rate required for child care and this classified on different age group. It says for children from birth up to 2 years should have staff in the ration 1: 3 (One staff for 3 children). Similarly for children in the age group 2 years to 3 years the ratio is 1: 4 and for 3 years and above the ratio prescribed is 1: 8. You must also ensure that the staff are appropriately qualified and have enough experience working with children of different age groups. Some of the Crechers bring some entertainers to keep the child in good humor. In such cases, you should ensure that the crechers have their CRB (Child care experience) checked before allowing the entertainer to engage the children.

The crecheres take the responsibility of keeping the children entertained and in the process they also follow all the safety norms. They ensure that the child goes back with the right adult. It is also advisable that you should ensure that the Crecher has secured a valid Mobile Care Insurance and Public liability indemnity policy.

It is common practice that the organizers of the wedding will provide food for the children. However, the Crechers will ensure that the food is distributed for the children and depending on the need of individual child. In the absence of such an arrangement, the Crecheres also undertakes to supply suitable food . But you must ensure that the food supplied to the child is of very good quality and prepared in hygienic environment. If the parents prefer to supply food for their children, then the crechers will ensure that the food so supplied is given to the child at the time identified by the parents.

These ‘crechers for weddings’ are wonderful for the parents, as well as other members attending the ceremonies. The child will be in the care of experienced and gentle crèche staff and he/she gets best attention and also enjoys their time in the midst of other children, without causing any embarrassing situations for their parents. Generally Wedding Crechers are well trained and highly skilled. The onsite team always contain at least one fully trained childcare professional with first aid training and work on a strict child to carer ratio as set out by and IPPA-the early childhood organisation.